Frequently Asked Questions About Websites

This page contains a selection of tips, useful information and answers to some of the more frequent questions our customers ask about websites.

Q. How can I tell how many visitors my website gets?

A. Most hosting companies will supply basic information that will tell how many visitors arrive at a website. More advanced information such as time of visit, which pages are viewed and where the visitor came from can be extracted from the websites log files. Anglia Computer Support uses advanced tools that can extract data from a websites log files to give detailed reports that includes a wide range of information in a format that is easy to read.

Q. I have a website but I don't get many visitors, what am I doing wrong?

A. A website is competing against all the other websites advertising similar services. If your website is not attracting visitors, then the probable cause is poor ranking on search engines. Search Engine Optimisation,(SEO) is a service that promotes your website on the major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. SEO can be complex and involves page content optimisation, identifying key search terms your customers use and a range of other techniques, all proven to increase the visibility of your website.

Q. I have a lot of visitors to my website but they don't seem to be leading to sales. What is going wrong?

A. There are usually 2 answers to this question, something on your website is turning away customers or the website is attracting the wrong kind of attention. In practice, there is often a combination of both in varying degrees. Poor website design or poorly written content will turn many customers away and the wrong key search terms may attract visitors who are not looking for your services. A professional website design company may seem an expensive luxury but they can help identify the issues and the long term benefits will outweigh the short term costs with focused marketing and improved sales.

Top tips to help your website attract more customers

1. Advertise your website every where you can. Print the address of your website on all stationery, business cards, vehicles and in the address block on all emails you send out.

2. Choose your layout and design carefully. bright colours and unusual layouts will make your website stand out but may be discouraging to potential customers that are used to more traditional layouts and colour schemes.

3. Use terminology that your customers look for. Calling your product a "thermally efficient multi layered environmental awareness panel" might look impressive on a directors report but it won't attract many visitors looking for "double glazed windows".

4. Think about including your business location. It may seem obvious but using terms like "supplying to customers in Cambridge, Huntingdon and Ely" on your website will improve your chances of attracting visitors who are looking for a local supplier but it may also deter potential customers who are not in that area

5. Keep your landing page simple. Animations, movies and picture spinners can look good but they may not be compatible with all web browsers. They can be slow to load and deter customers on slow internet connections. They can also make your website difficult for search engines to index, reducing your page ranking. Special effects have their place but try to avoid using them on the main page.

A well designed and optimised website can attract more customers and improve your companies brand image. Anglia Computer Support offer a variety of website designs off the shelf or we can build bespoke websites to order.
We also offer a range of optimisation services for new and existing websites that will increase your visibility and attract more valuable customers. Click here for more details