Anglia Computer Support - Website Design & Support

A website is possibly the most cost-effective marketing tool your company could have. A website makes a bold statement about your company, enhancing your brand image and customer awareness. It is available 24 hours a day and is the number one source for finding products and services for over 4 million internet users in Anglia alone.

If you already have a website or need a website, Anglia Computer Support offer a range of services to help you present a professional image, a search friendly website reaching as many potential customers as possible and making the most of your presence on the internet.

Website design

Your website is an online brochure that tells your customer who you are and what you do. Basic elements such as colours, layout and even the style of text will say a lot about your company before the customer has read a single word. A bright and colourful layout designed for a child care centre may give the wrong message if used for an engineering company.

Our website designers can suggest a range of artwork, colours and layouts that are suitable for your business sector and the market you are targeting. If you already have a company logo and a colour scheme, we can incorporate them into the website design to maintain a consistent brand image.

The text for your website is also passed through a design process. Proof reading and layout checking is included in all packages. We also suggest key words and phrases for your market sector to help increase your company profile with the major search engines.

When we build your website, we also test it with all the major browsers including web-enabled mobile phones to ensure as many customers as possible can see your website at its best.

Content management

Websites are rarely static designs, press releases, new product and services, special offers or seasonal changes all mean that websites often need updating. Our content management service makes updating your website as painless as possible. We offer a range of website content and change management solutions from easy to use tools to fully managed solutions that include SEO integrated service plans.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a well designed website is only part of the process of reaching your customers and getting you message across. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process that gives your website the highest possible page rankings on a variety of search engines. A higher ranking on search engines means your company's website will reach more potential customers.
Our search engine optimisation techniques use a mix of tried and tested methods and our own specialist knowledge to maximise your page ranking so customers find your website before they find your competitors. We offer our customers a choice of SEO solutions from a single presentation to continuous development plans for a sustained online marketing campaign

Website service packages

Our basic website package is a fixed price website with the following features:- Choice of layouts including 2 and 3 column designs. Up to 5 pages including a contact page with email form. Search Engine friendly HTML format. Your own artwork and photographs or use of our extensive range of artwork (royalty charges may apply). In addition to our basic package, we also offer a range of additional options including:-
  • Extra pages.
  • Custom Artwork
  • Flash and Java components.
  • Photo Galleries and slide shows.
  • Blog pages.
  • On line calendars.
  • Custom forms.
  • E-commerce systems with secure on-line payment services.
  • Database integration.
  • Performance reports including numbers of visitors, peak visit times, and key search words.