Anglia Computer Support - IT Support Services

Information technology is such an integral part of business that it is a major component of even the smallest company. Yet the complexity of modern IT systems means that few businesses can afford to supply all of their IT support in house.
Our customers tell us they want services that are customisable to fit their business and budget, so Anglia Computer Support supply a mix and match range of flexible packages so that you can build the solution that suits you and your company.
Our information technology support packages that are designed to cover a range of options from complimenting your existing IT infrastructure to fully managed solutions that can include on site engineers and real time performance monitoring that help our customers maximise reliability, productivity and get the best possible value from the IT budget

Remote Help Desk

Using our secure remote support systems, our help desk team can typically fix more than 85% of problems over an internet connection, saving expensive call out charges and getting you back to work as quickly as possible. Our help desk is based in the UK, manned by skilled technicians and we offer a choice of pay per call or contract support

Remote System Management

Our remote system management is a contract only service that is customised for each customer. We identify the key components of your systems and evaluate base line performance of important subsystems. We also identify any potential weaknesses and the key performance indicators. Once this has been done we present you the information in plain English and discuss the range of options that will give best value to your business. Our options include:-
  • Daily or hourly checks of key subsystems
  • Management of critical systems such as email and database servers,
  • Firewall management
  • Near real-time system monitoring*
  • Performance and capacity monitoring*
  • Monthly reports that include availability, KPI graphs and trends*
*NB. Only available on compatible systems

Managed Backup services

The amount of electronic information that is generated today means it is vital to businesses that the data is stored safely and is recoverable. Industry sources have found that 40% of companies who lose vital data fold within 6 months. Even the in a best case scenario, irretrievable data loss can cause lost productivity or severe damage to a company's reputation.
We offer a range of options from basic set up of backup processes to fully managed solutions that include monitoring and off-site storage. Our remote backup solution copies your data to a secure storage site that uses state of the art technology to provide the best levels of security and reliability available.
If you already have data backup practices in place, we can carry out an assessment of your data storage processes that includes checking that all important data is captured and can be recovered.

On Site Support.

You may not need a full time IT technician so we can supply staff for as little as a few hours at a time or, subject to availability, we also offer short term contracts to cover sickness, holiday or maternity leave. With a choice of contracted regular or ad-hoc visits, we are able to provide a level of onsite support to suit all our customers.
Where possible, we always try to send you the same technicians each visit so that that they are familiar with your systems and allow them to build a relationship with you so they almost become a member of your own staff.

Hosted Email

Running an email system can be expensive and needs skilled technical staff to manage all but the most basic service. We can manage your in house email systems or host it for you at a fraction of the cost of running your own system.
Our hosted email service includes state of the art anti-spam and antivirus systems saving you even more money. If you have a suitable mobile, we can set it up so that your emails also come to your phone so you can always know when an important customer has contacted you.