Anglia Computer Support - Our Consultancy Services

Our consultants all have at least 10 years practical experience across a wide range of fields from the smallest operation to systems that support thousands of users. We use their expert knowledge to provide solutions that work in real world businesses.

Our advice is designed to give you effective solutions that fit realistic budgets. We tell you in plain English how to get the best from your existing IT infrastructure and how the latest technology changes can help your business and not break the bank.
We not only look for solutions that work now, we also evaluate the long-term value to your business so that you can gain the maximum returns on your investment

We don't mind if you need an informal chat or a technical report with a range of business case options. We don't try and blind you with techno-speak but if you need it, we can give a design brief that includes enough detail to build a full project plan. We can work whichever way suits you best.

Hardware and System Design

Choosing the right combination of hardware and software can be a challenge in even the smallest business. There is a large range of choices available and a wrong decision can be costly and frustrating. Our consultants can give impartial advice about the range of hardware and applications that are available and which are suitable for your business.

Information Security

With the news full of stories about lost laptops or discs full of client data being found in public, its not hard to see what an embarrassment losing confidential information can be. We can offer a range of options for looking after your information from optimising good practices using your existing equipment to solutions that comply with trading partnerships and PCI requirements

Skill outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a cost effective way of getting expertise when you need it without the overheads of paying for full time specialist IT support staff. Our consultants can give impartial advice that will help you decide if outsourcing can help you reduce operational costs and improve productivity